Download M P Wedding 1.0.1 APK

Download M P Wedding 1.0.1 APK

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Marwari wedding ceremony is celebratedwithgaiety. Emphasis is laid on following all the Marwarimatrimonialcustoms & traditions.

Engagement (Tika) Ceremony
Engagement ceremony takes place at the home of the groom.Theceremony makes match making official and binding for both brideandgroom. Only the bride’s father, brother and other closerelativesattend this ceremony. Ladies not even the bride accompanymen folkfor the ‘tika’. The ceremony is so called because thebride’sbrother actually applies a tilak to the groom’s forehead andmakesthe alliance or engagement official. A sword and otherpresentsincluding clothes, fruits.

Ganapati sthapana & griha shanti takes place a couple ofdaysbefore the wedding . A havan is conducted by thebride/groom’sfamily, which involves the installation of the idolof

Lord Ganesha Pithi Dastoor Ceremony (Ban) The pithi dastoorisone of the first important ceremonies, which involvesthebride/groom and continues until the day of the wedding . Theactualceremony consists of application of turmeric and sandal woodpasteto the bride/ groom. Custom goes that once the pithi startsthebride and the groom cannot leave the house.

Mehfils are the integral part of a Marwari wedding . Theseareusually held in the evenings. Separate mehfils are organisedforthe women and the men. At the ladies’ mehfil, all thewomenfolkgather at a central place in an enclosed courtyard orhall. Dressedin dazzling dresses, they perform the ghoomar (aspecial dance donein a group). The bride at the mehfil is given animportant positionto sit and watch the proceedings. Of course, themen have their ownmehfil, where singers perform and these arestrictly all maleparties.

Mahira Dastoor
The mahira dastoor is yet another important ceremony, common toboththe bride and the groom’s families. This ceremony is performedbythe maternal uncle (Mama) of the groom/bride, who, along withhiswife and family, arrives with much fanfare, and is received bythebride/groom’s mother with the traditional welcome. The unclethengives clothes, jewellery, sweets etc., to the entire familyandrelatives. The ceremony signifies that since at the time ofawedding there is considerable expenditure, it is the duty ofthebrother to help his sister at her child’s wedding.

Janev Ceremony
Following the custom, the groom has to be dressed in saffronrobeslike an ascetic and perform a havan before wearing the thread.Thesaffron robe signifies that the groom now has two choicesbeforehim. That is either he renounces the world and becomes anascetic,or he accepts the institution of marriage and itsresponsibilities.After the havan is completed and the thread given,the groom has tomake a mock attempt to run from the chains ofmarriage while thematernal uncle must catch him and convince hisnephew intoaccepting marriage.

Palla Dastoor
On the day of the actual wedding , or maybe a day prior to it,thepalla dastoor is brought in by a few of the groom’s relativestothe bride’s house. The palla dastoor consists of clothes,jewelryand gifts from the groom, which the bride has to wear duringthewedding ceremony .

In a Marwadi wedding , the groom wears a padgi or headgear whichistied up by the jija (sister’s husband). The groom alsowears’pecha’, ‘kalgi’ and ‘tani’. A sehra either of flowers or ofpearlsis tied on the pagdi. The sister in law (brother’s wife) ofthe boyapplies kajal in his eyes. Later, groom’s sisters tiegoldenthreads to the reins of the mare in a ceremonycalled’vaag-gunthai’. While the sister is performing the ritual,herhusband holds the reins of the horse. As a custom, the groompays avisit to the temple first before proceeding to thegirl’shouse.

The entrance of the girl’s house is decorated with a ‘toran’. Asacustom the groom hits the toran with a stick of neem. Thisceremonyis called ‘toranachar’ and is symbolic of warding off theevileye.

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Updated 2016-11-17
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