Free Download YoMail 1.6.9 APK

Free Download YoMail 1.6.9 APK

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Description of YoMail

YoMail forAndroid是一款好看易用的邮件客户端,专为职场精英打造,让您的工作快人一步!
支持 Gmail™、iCloud™、Office365™、™、™、Yahoo!™、AOL™、QQ 邮箱、腾讯企业邮箱、网易邮箱、阿里云邮箱及所有 IMAP 邮箱。

YoMail 支持多种设备使用,移动端包括Android、iPhone及iPad,电脑端包括Mac和Windows。

● “YoMail 新版推出邮件对话,让邮件像 IM 对话一样简单好用” – 36Kr
● “YoMail 为电子邮件创造更多可能性” – 福布斯中文网
● “YoMail 想让你更快处理好工作邮件” – 少数派

在移动端,及时收到新邮件是所有Email用户共同的要求。YoMail采用独有技术,在保证低能耗的前提下接近实时接收新邮件。YoMail for Android采用原生技术,所有用户界面均无延迟响应。


在移动端,查询你和好友之间的往来邮件是频繁又琐碎的任务。使用 YoMail for Android 的邮件对话功能,找到和好友间的往来邮件只需两步。使用YoMail,你可以按话题阅读邮件上下文(Thread),也可像使用微信等IM应用一样按时间线(Timeline)阅读你和好友之间的邮件。


无论是 iPhone、Mac 还是 Windows或Android, YoMail 均采用了“深空黑”的默认主题和扁平化的设计,当你从PC 端切换到手机端,你不会再像过去一样面对一款陌生的邮件应用。

这些功能值得让你尝试 YoMail
● 同时管理多个邮箱账号
● 实时自动接收新邮件
● 按邮件主题组织邮件列表
● 邮件对话 – 按联系人组织往来邮件
● 长按实现更多操作:删除、标注或批量操作
● 瞬时搜索 – 搜索邮件感觉不到延迟;可按照全文、主题、收件人、发件人、附件名等分类搜索邮件
● 附件管理 – 集中管理所有附件及云文件,查找文件更方便
● 通讯录 – 管理联系人和联系人组,并且可以群发邮件到联系人组
● 增值功能-邮件追踪、账号同步、插件应用等正在更新当中,敬请期待YoMail for Android is agood-looking and easy to use mail client, designed for theworkplace to create, to make your work quick step!
Supports Gmail ™, iCloud ™, Office365 ™, ™, ™,Yahoo! ™, AOL ™, QQ-mail, E-mail Tencent, NetEase mailbox, Ali goesall mailbox and IMAP mailboxes.

YoMail supports a variety of devices, including mobile end Android,iPhone and iPad, computer terminal including Mac and Windows.

● “YoMail launched a new version of e-mail dialogue, so that themessage is as simple as IM conversations easy to use” – 36Kr
● “YoMail create more possibilities for e-mail” – Forbes Chinesenetwork
● “YoMail want you to work faster and handle e-mail” – theminority

Real-time push, timely response
In the mobile terminal, the timely receipt of new messages is acommon requirement for all Email users. YoMail using a proprietarytechnology, to receive new messages in near real-time to ensure lowenergy consumption under the premise. YoMail for Android usingnative technology, no delay in response to all userinterfaces.

No need to set, add a key to all mailboxes
Add email accounts also need to set up, so many business peopleheadaches. Use YoMail, for IMAP mailbox (cloud mailbox), you do notneed any extra operations, a key to log on the mailbox account. Asmore and more users use YoMail, self-built mail users will also beno need to set a button to add the mailbox.

E-mail dialogue, people-oriented
In the mobile terminal, the query email correspondence between youand your friends are frequent and trivial task. Use e-mailconversation function YoMail for Android to find and exchangesmessages between friends only two steps. Use YoMail, you can readthe message according to topics context (Thread), also can be usedlike a micro letters and other IM applications by the same timeline(Timeline) to read mail between you and your friends.

Attachment Manager
In most cases, the phones are often sent as attachments withmessages from contacts among, find them very troublesome. YoMailAttachment Manager feature brings together all incoming andoutgoing mail and attachments in your cloud disk file. When writinga message, a list of all attachments, which would like, you can adda button.

Different devices, unified design
Whether iPhone, Mac or Windows or Android, YoMail have adopted the”deep space black” default theme and flat design, when you switchfrom the PC to the phone side, you will not be like the past, likethe face of a stranger mail application.

These features that make you try YoMail
● manage multiple email accounts
● automatically receive new messages in real time
● by e-mail mailing lists organized by topic
● messages in the conversation – Press Contact Organizationincoming and outgoing mail
● Press and implement more actions: delete, label, or bulkoperations
● Instantaneous Search – Search mail imperceptible delay; can beclassified according to search the full text of e-mail, subject,recipient, sender, attachment name, etc.
● Attachment Management – Centralized management of all cloud fileattachments and find files more easily
● Address Book – manage contacts and contact groups, and can bebulk mail to a contact group
● value-added features – message tracking, account synchronization,and other plug-in application which is being updated, so staytuned

App Information of YoMail

App Name YoMail
Package Name
Version 1.6.9
Rating 4.3 ( 24 )
Requirement Android 4.4 and up
Updated 2018-01-29
Installs 500 - 1,000
Category Apps, Business

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